Underwater video camera trap

In what we believe is a world first instrument, Spot X have developed a uniquely designed underwater camera trap. Setting up an underwater camera trap is inherently difficult due to a high number of false positives caused by moving seawater/debris/kelp etc. However, we have designed an instrument that is linked to the activity of Vemco underwater receivers, to accurately trigger recording of a GoPro camera when a tagged animal is within range.

Using a custom Windows app, the device is programmed to set the desired duration of video footage taken and whether lights are triggered. The system can also undertake scheduled recordings (irrespective of Vemco receiver activity), and can be fitted with laser scalers to activate during recording.

The enclosure is installed close by to the Vemco receiver, and is fully self contained with it’s own battery supply.

Spot X is currently recruiting beta testers of the device; any researchers interested in trialling this new technology is encouraged to get in touch to learn more

Spot X Vemco camera trap