Standard methods for towed underwater video surveys

NESP Live Streaming Towed Underwater Video Survey Methods

The NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub recently released their excellent collection of field manuals, outlining recommended standards and techniques for many marine science disciplines. Drawing on the experience of dozens of experts in their fields, the manuals represent a definitive, yet dynamic, approach to standardising how we collect, collate, report and share the data we acquire. While our particular interest is in the live streaming underwater towed video chapter, there are several other survey methods covered:

The towed imagery chapter discusses many topics of relevance to our customers including video and still camera selection, camera orientation, GPS overlay and positioning, tow camera pre-deployment check, as well as processing and storing the large amounts of video/position/orientation data collected.

If you’re involved with any of the data collection techniques addressed, be sure to download the document and take a look to see how it could benefit your organisations data collection methods.