ArduSub Powered Tow Camera

Spot X was recently commissioned to put together a custom tow/drop camera system for an environmental consultancy with some unique requirements. Given the use case and data required to be collected, Spot X proposed a tow system based on the ArduSub framework, typically used on underwater ROVs or AUVs. The system consists of a Pixhawk flight computer, Raspberry Pi companion computer, and "Homeplug" ethernet converter, resulting in a product with an impressive list of features:

  • full HD 1080P tiltable low-light camera

  • dual dimmable 1500 lumen lights

  • depth/temperature/heading sensors

  • GPS overlay

  • detachable tether for easy transport and storage

  • 100/300m depth rating options

  • 6900 mAh battery for >3 hours continuous use, even longer with lights dimmed

  • integrated switch for full power shutoff without opening the enclosure

  • mounted on a Spot X Underwater Vision sled with plenty of space for additional payload

  • all viewed/controlled on a PC running QGroundControl

With the interest and demand created for the product, we have decide to include it on our website as a stock item. Get in touch if you would like more info or request a quote at