Top 5 GoPro Accessories for on the Water. Tech Tip Tuesday #09

Spot X Blog Tech Tip 09

Make the most of your GoPro by packing these on your next trip out:
1. Flex arm mount- quick mounting of your GoPro to almost any structure and easily adjustable to change the view
2. Red filters- if you're planning on diving or snorkelling, these filters will retain the natural colours that quickly get lost at depth
3. Battery eliminator- run your deck camera all day by replacing your battery with this device, which plugs into a 12v source to supply all day power
4. Remote control- more robust than your mobile phone when working with wet hands
5. Gyro stabiliser- these devices take your film to the next level. Forget the shakiness, gyros work by keeping your camera in the one position, regardless of how rough the weather! This one pictured is the GoPro version, but there are plenty of other options available


This is our weekly series of technical tips to help you get the most out of your underwater gear.

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