***PRO SQUID*** Live GoPro video to TVs/plotters

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Spot X Squid Tow Camera
Spot X Squid Drop Camera
Spot X Squid Package
Spot X Squid Tow Camera
Spot X Topside Console Monitor
Spot X Squid Tow Camera

***PRO SQUID*** Live GoPro video to TVs/plotters

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The world’s first purpose-built housing for live streaming underwater footage from your GoPro is here.

The Spot X Pro Squid enables a live underwater feed from your GoPro to your plotter/TV/laptop/monitor, as well as offering underwater remote control, meaning you only record the required footage and reduce your post-processing editing time.

*Registered companies, universities and government departments may place their order by supplying an official purchase order. Contact us for details

Current lead time: 3 weeks

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The Squid Underwater Drop Camera System

By accommodating GoPro HD cameras in our patented underwater housing, the Squid offers you the convenience of live streaming video, with the utility of full UHD 4K, presentation-ready footage. Underwater camera control allows you to start and stop recording whenever you like, reducing editing time and keeping your memory card free for only the necessary footage.

Pro Squid has the following features:

  • Crystal clear, zero latency live feed, with up to 4k video recorded to camera memory card;

  • View on any TV/monitor or plotter which accepts a composite video feed (Squid cable has a male RCA connector, compatible display devices have a port typically marked as "AV In" or similar);

  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 3/3+ and 4 cameras** (for GoPro 5/6/7 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 cameras, see our Squid Cast system here);

  • Dual viewing modes allows the Squid to be used facing forwards as a drop camera, or rear facing as a high speed tow camera

  • Kevlar cable grip simplifies camera handling and protects cable


  • Camera compatibility- GoPro Hero 3/3+/4*

  • Rated depth- 100 m

  • Video cable- Custom coaxial video cable, engineered for reliability, strengthened with kevlar fibre, with a water blocking gel to prevent damage and water ingress

  • Construction- Injection moulded from strong, UV stabilised plastics

  • Underwater control of camera is compatible with GoPro 3+/4 only-GoPro 3 is not supported. Power on/off, start/stop recording, take photo is possible when the unit is underwater. Changing settings can be done above water using the GoPro app on your mobile device or using a separate WiFi remote control.

Included with each Pro Squid:

- Housing & Lens

- Stabiliser Wing and Tail Fin

- Tow Line

- Keel Weight

- Hard Case for Accessories

-NOTE, camera is not included

You can see some video examples of the Squid in use on our Gallery page.

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Check out our ATC system


  • If you have any queries or requests, we're here to help. Please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

  • Registered companies and government organisations, simply email through your purchase order to be invoiced on delivery.