Live Online Streaming Package


Live Online Streaming Package


A professional, plug-and-play package designed to make high quality underwater web streaming simple.

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A professional, plug-and-play package designed to make high quality underwater web streaming simple. We’ve sourced a combination of components that provides a vibrant, full HD video feed, while simplifying the task of streaming (and recording) your feed online.

Simply plug the USB cable into your PC, power the unit, open your software and start streaming. No expensive video capture cards or broadcast quality computers required. And don’t worry, we even supply a step-by-step tutorial on configuring your streaming software to have you up and running within minutes.

Supplied in the package :

  • full HD (1080P, 25/30FPS; 720P, 50/60FPS) HD-SDI camera, with vibrant colours and flawless detail

  • camera supplied with a wide angle lens, with other options available

  • RS485 control of the camera to modify resolution, frame rate and colour/white balance/image settings in a remote location, without having to retrieve the camera

  • 20m of high quality underwater screened cable, strengthened with kevlar fibres (longer cables available)

  • underwater housing, rated to 100m depth

  • online web presenter device-converts the 1080P signal to a high quality 720P signal for optimal web streaming. Actively manages bit rate and frame rate to match available bandwidth, ensuring a high quality online viewing experience

  • topside full HD 1080P recorder to record the raw feed from the camera. Supplied with a 1TB hard drive

  • spare HDMI cable to rebroadcast the feed to a TV/monitor with a HDMI port

  • topside control console houses the web presenter, recorder, and RS485 controller in a convenient plug-and-play setup. All power and signal connections are made via convenient external panel mounted connectors

Required (not supplied):

  • 100-240VAC power source (system uses an AC-DC adapter to supply 48VDC to the system)

  • laptop/PC. Recommended 8GB RAM, i5/i7 processor, USB 3.0, graphics card not required but may improve performance

  • internet connection. Broadband hard-wired connection is recommended, however excellent streaming can be achieved using cell/LTE/mobile hotspot connections

Mounting and deploying is simple, and the system has been used by numerous institutes:

  • public aquariums

  • research stations

  • university labs

  • swimming/water polo/underwater hockey

Not quite what you have in mind? We do custom projects, and can tailor a streaming package to suit your specific needs. Get in touch