Who are Spot X products for?

Our live streaming underwater camera systems are used by a broad customer base:

  • We have many clients in research fields such as seagrass and coral reef monitoring, fish surveys etc;

  • We also have search and rescue police teams using our products to augment their diving operations;

  • ROV operators use our products as an additional HD camera on their units;

  • We have several TV production companies using our products to obtain quality underwater footage;

  • Underwater sports clubs and broadcasters use our products to live stream their matches;

  • Finally, our other major customer group are fishermen, primarily game fishermen using the Squid as a tow cam, but we've also seen the Squid deployed during reef fishing and deep drop trips.

How does the Squid work?

Pro Squid

The Pro Squid uses a custom video coupler, which plugs into the camera’s USB port and accesses the live out function. The Squid takes this signal and sends it along the video cable tether, where the male RCA plug can then be plugged into most video displays (TV, monitor, plotter etc.). You may need an adapter to plug this RCA plug into your display device. Ask us if you’re unsure.

Squid Cast

Squid Cast uses a WiFi antenna system to connect camera to mobile device or plotter on the surface,  even while underwater, allowing live view and full remote control via the camera app.

Can I view the Squid Cast live feed on a plotter or TV?

Using Squid Cast, you can easily watch the live feed, and control your camera from your mobile device. Additionally, most Garmin plotters will allow you to connect the Squid, enabling you to view and control your Garmin Virb Ultra 30 underwater. Please check the Garmin site for compatible plotters with Virb cameras; if your plotter is compatible with Virb cameras, it should be compatible with the Spot X Squid Cast. While Spot X have tested many Garmin plotters for compatibility with the Squid, we can't guarantee they will work with all plotters. The Squid will however work with most, if not all, smart phones with the relevant app installed.

If you are not using Garmin products, you can mirror your Squid live feed to your TV or plotter using an MHL cable which mirrors your mobile device screen to any HDMI device. MHL cables are readily available and are usually less than $30. Consult your device's documentation or get in touch with us for assistance

Does the Squid power my GoPro/Garmin?

Both the Pro Squid and Squid Cast systems use a battery coupler enabling you to connect a topside 12v power source (not included), to extend the runtime of your camera.

How deep can I use the Squid?

The Squid is rated to 100 m (330 ft).

Can I control my camera?

Pro Squid

The Spot X Pro Squid can be controlled (change settings, start/stop recording etc) when the unit is on the surface using the GoPro app or a WiFi remote control.

Squid Cast

Squid Cast enables full remote control of GoPro 3/3+/4/5/6/7 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 cameras with access to all functions available within the camera app.

When do I use the tail?

The tail is used when in drift mode. You may want to view a reef or seagrass bed at slow speeds to check for fish or suitable habitat. With the boat drifting, and the Squid tail installed, the camera will orient itself into the current and provide you with very stable footage. When you want to go back to trolling, simply unbolt the tail.

What is the difference between the Pro Squid and Squid Cast?

The main differences between the Pro Squid and Squid Cast are:

  • Pro Squid is compatible with GoPro Hero 3/3+/4; Squid Cast is compatible with GoPro Hero 3/3+/4/5/6/7 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30

  • Pro Squid maximum cable length is 150m (330ft) (longer lengths made to order), Squid Cast maximum cable length is 25m (82ft)

  • Pro Squid streams live video to a TV, monitor, plotter or laptop; Squid Cast streams live video to an iOS or Android device (or Garmin plotter when using the Virb Ultra 30 camera)