Another great feature of the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is the custom time-lapse settings. Unlike it's competitors, the Virb allows you to customise a number of camera settings when organising a time-lapse shoot.

Extended- extended time-lapse allows you to specify the exact interval between shots that you want. You aren't limited by the stock options in the menu, the keypad allows you to program exactly the interval you want (up to 999 minutes between shots).

Start time- rather than wait around for the sunset/sunrise etc. that you want to time-lapse, the Virb allows you to specify the time to start (up to 24hrs later). So you can simply set it up, and walk away.

Duration- run the time-lapse continuously, or again use the keypad to specify the exact time it's required to stop.

Timestamp- this is a really useful feature that many other camera manufacturers are yet to implement. A lot researchers and scientists need this info, and have to add this data in post-processing when using other action cameras- not so with the Virb. Just another example of the data rich, connected environment offered by Garmin products.

You can purchase the great little Garmin Virb Ultra 30 on the Garmin site

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