Sloooooooooooow motion. Tech Tip Tuesday #14

Spot X Blog Tech Tip 14

Confused about the slow motion function on your GoPro? Today's tech tip explains what it is, and how to use it.

Slow motion is a great editing tool to highlight critical sections of your video. The idea is that you capture a video with more frames per second (FPS) than a standard video. Think of a video as many photos per second, joined together to make a moving picture; if we consider a "standard" movie is 24 FPS, by capturing more "photos" per second than that, we can slow that down and still have a video that looks smooth. For example, lets say we have some footage that is captured at 240 FPS, and there is a one second section of a billfish strike that we want to slow down. You could theoretically slow that one second of footage to be spread over 10 seconds and it will still look smooth (because 240 FPS/10 seconds=24 FPS)

Here's how to do it on your GoPro:
-select your video resolution
-select a high frame rate. Different resolutions and camera models will have different FPS available. For GoPro 4 Black users, make sure you have updated to the latest firmware to access an impressive 240 FPS!!!
-capture your clip as per usual
-using GoPro Studio, import and convert your clip
-drag your clip onto the storyboard
-use the razor tool the split the clip so that the section you want in slow motion is isolated
-select the desired section and use the "Speed" slider in video controls to alter the playback speed to suit

And that's it!! Have fun...You can see an example of a trolled lure in slow motion here

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