GoPro recently released their all new GoPro Hero 6 Black camera. The good news for us and our customers is that GoPro have kept the size, shape and USB functionality the same as the Hero 5, meaning our Squid Cast housing (live underwater streaming video, external power and camera control via the iOS or Android GoPro app) is compatible with this awesome new camera. 
With lots of great features, we're looking forward to posting some footage soon.

One of the standout features of the Hero 6 is 240 FPS at 1080P, meaning you can now capture super slow-motion footage, in incredible HD resolution. Here's some footage of a Zacatak Lures captured at 120 FPS with an older camera, and if you have never tried editing slow-motion footage, don't be put off, it's super easy. Our blog post from earlier this year will walk you through it