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Spot X Underwater Vision is proud to introduce the Squid™.

Pair the Squid with your GoPro or Garmin HD action camera and you’ve got one of the most advanced live underwater camera systems on the market:

  •  live video can be viewed on any standard TV or monitor, most plotters, or your Android/iOS device
  • external power supply eliminates the need for camera batteries
  • underwater control of recording functions reduces editing time
  • use as a drop camera for forward viewing, or tow backwards to watch your surface lures
  • ideal for research, survey, search and rescue, live sports broadcasting, remotely operated vehicles, and fishing

Spot X Underwater Vision ROVs, Components and Topside Consoles

Spot X Underwater Vision supplies high utility, inspection class, open source ROVs. Spot X can supply, build, and customise your ROV for you. With a full build, configuration and testing service, your ROV can arrive ready to go out of the box. We can even build you a topside control box with room for your laptop/tablet, power supply and waterproof housing for the other vital topside ROV electronics.