Spot X Underwater Live Streaming Drop Cameras

Your project is amazing- let's make sure your footage is too

Professional researchers, consultants and environmental resource managers rely on our real-time underwater drop camera system to harness the power of the newest HD action cameras from GoPro and Garmin, ensuring they're always ahead of the field:

  •  live underwater video on any TV, plotter, or Android/iOS device
  • external power supply eliminates the need for camera batteries
  • underwater control of recording functions reduces editing time
  • view backwards in tow camera mode, or forwards in drop camera mode
  • rated to 100 metres (330ft)
  • compatible with GoPro 3/3+/4/5 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 cameras
  • designed, tested and assembled in Australia

Get the attention your project deserves by shooting with cutting edge camera technology from Spot X Underwater Vision

Spot X Underwater Vision ROVs, Components and Topside Consoles

Spot X Underwater Vision supplies high utility, inspection class ROVs. With a full build, configuration and testing service, your ROV can arrive ready to go out of the box.